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The trial version DVBViewer Pro is shareware.

It is meant to test DVBViewers core features and functionality with your hardware before purchasing the unlimited DVBViewer Pro version.

Note: If you are already using a Pro version, do not install the trial version on the same machine, you’d risk overwriting your Pro versions configuration files.

The trial version has the following limitations:

  • 45 minute runtime limit
  • no recording possible
  • no weather data
  • no audio visualizers
  • no network devices
  • DVBViewer Recording Service is not supported
  • no OSD games
  • no EPG data export
  • no OSD plugins
  • limited COM interface
  • cannot change OSD
  • no H.264 fill data removal
  • permanently displaying a “trial notice”

Download it from here:

Install instructions[edit]

In order to install the trial version of DVBViewer follow the steps outline here Installationsanleitung. Some components mentioned there are restricted to DVBViewer Pro only and cannot be used/installed in the trial version.

Upgrading from trial version to DVBViewer Pro[edit]

Please do not install DVBViewer Pro on top of the trial version. We recommend uninstalling the trial version first before installing the Pro version.

Migrate your settings from trial to Pro version[edit]

If you’ve already spent a lot of time configuring the trial version and you want to retain the trial versions settings when moving to DVBViewer Pro, we recommend making a backup copy of your configuration folder first before uninstalling the trial.

During the uninstall process of the trial version you will get asked if you “want to delete the existing configuration folder?”. Answer No.

Once the uninstaller has finished, you’re ready to install the PRO Version. It is probably easiest to install DVBViewer Pro into exactly the folder where the trial version used to be. At the end of the install process DVBViewer Pro will ask you if you’d like to run the “configuration wizard”. Answer No.