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The Recording Service contains a webinterface and supports streaming of LiveTV/Recordings for the iPhone/iPod Touch.[edit]
  • The webinterface is based on the work of the forums user swerner.
  • You need: FFmpeg Lastest Static Build for x64 systems you can use the 64bit version. Extract the ffmpeg.exe it into the program folder of the recording service (where the DVBVservice.exe is).
Be aware: Sometimes the latest Version does not work properly, the Version dated 26.12.2011 was used for all test and is working correctly.
  • You need OS Version 3.1.2 at least.
  • To access the webinterface enter in Safari on the iPhone the address to your webserver + the subfolder /iphone/
Example: http://[your servername]:[your webserver port if not port 80]/iphone/.
  • The Streaming uses the quicktime plugin for mobile Safari on the iPhone, so make sure it is activated (and JavaScript also).
  • Streaming to the iPhone is always a live conversion to h264 (even if the source is h264 it has to be resized). So you do need lots of CPU power (these values are only a hint, your mileage may vary: SD MPEG2 source → Dualcore with 1.5 GHz, HD H264 source → Dualcore with 2.6 GHz).
  • The EPG-Search page doesn't work for now.

Just a little tip to avoid having to enter the Username/Password every time you start the webinterface full screen:

In safari: open the webinterface with: http://[your username]:[your password]@[your ip]:[your port]/iphone/ then add it to the Home Screen. Now it should open without password input. Use this at your own risk!

Sample URL:
User: Admin
Password: Admin
Port: 8089

The above described method doesn't work anymore for the iPad and devices with iOS 4.x.

You can create a list of IPs, which don't need to authenticate to the web server. This avoids the annoying Username/Password input if you use the iPod/Ipad/iPhone in the local WLAN. Be warned: this function poses a potential security risk if used wrongly or with an unprotected WLAN.

Use it at your own risk.

To activate this function stop the Recording Service and add the following changes to the file

[configuration folder] \config\svcuserdata.xml:

<section name="TrustedDevices"> 
  <entry name="0"></entry> 
  <entry name="1"></entry>

Of course you need to adjust the IPs to your system and you can extend the list by adding more entries following the scheme.