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These settings influence the appearance of the mosaic preview. The Mosaic preview can be opened normally from the OSD menu. The mosaic creator puts small screenshots of the stations from the current transponder (frequency) over the image of the current station. These 'stills' are updated in turn constantly.

MPEG2 Video Decoder[edit]

Here you can set the MPEG2 decoder used to create the preview images. Not every decoder supports this function.


Color and font of superimposed channel name can be specified here.

Border colour and Selection colour[edit]

Here the colors can be adjusted the selected thumbnail is highlighted with. With a double click into the respective field of the hexadecimal color definition a color selection window is opened and with the input field besides it, the transparency of the color chosen.


With Max. you can adjust how many channels of a transponder are displayed at maximum. With the other two input fields you can adjust the rows and columns count of the display.

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