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Chose how DVBViewers main window is supposed to react to turning your mouse wheel:

Resize: Moving your mousewheel will enlarge or shrink the player window. Has no effect when window is in full screen mode.

Aspect Ratio: cycle through the available screen aspect options

Channel Plus / Channel Minus: cycle through your channels on the Channel list. If 'Im Mini EPG blättern' is selected as well, turning the mouse wheel will advanced by one station only. If 'Im Mini EPG blättern' is deselected you can advanced by multiple stations at a time.

Station Plus / Station Minus: cycle through the channels of your Favorites list

Volume UP / Volume Down: control the volume of the playback with your mouse wheel.

Zoom Picture: allows you to zoom in or out on the current playback.

Do nothing: turning the mouse wheel has no effect on DVBViewer


Disable Fullscreen on Doubleclick

Default behavior is to switch to full screen mode if you double click anywhere within the playback area. Check this box if you want to prevent going into full screen mode by double clicking.

Middle Mouse Button[edit]

Choose how DVBViewer is supposed to react to pressing the middle mouse button.

  • Do nothing:
pressing the middle mouse button is ignored in DVBViewer

  • Close the current OSD menu:
If no OSD is open, pressing the middle mous ebutton will open the OSD at the top level. (OSD menues are nested in different levels). Pressing the middle mouse button when an OSD is already open will close this osd instance and return to its parent OSD level. If you press the middle mouse button while the top level of the OSD ist visible the OSD will close. (same behavior as OSD-Back key)

  • Exit the OSD menu:
Pressing the middle mouse button will close the OSD menu (same as OSD-Menu key)

Note: Some mouse drivers will override this setting. In such a case, you'd have to reassign the middle mouse button in your mouse driver first before these settings here show any effect.

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