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OSD [edit]

Load backdrops[edit]

If checked backdrop images will be loaded

Random backdrops[edit]

If checked a random backdrop will be selected every time a movie is selected (only if more than one backdrop is available of course)

Group series[edit]

Movies that have a series set (can be set in the mymovies - edit) will be grouped, upon selecting a series the movies will be shown.

On select open details[edit]

If enabled selecting a movie will open the mymovies details page for the selected movie. When disabled, selecting a movie will start playing it.

Ignore on sort[edit]

You can set which articles/charcters should be ignore while sorting by movie title, separate them wth ;. Example die;der;das . Furthermore you can set the sortname per movie in the mymovies - edit screen.


You can set what action is triggered by the OSD color keys. You can indepently set this for the main OSD screen and for the MyMovies Details page. Available actions are:

  • Menu           : Opens the popup menu with additional options
  • Viewstyle     : Change the viewstyle (listview,small thumbnails, large thumbnail)
  • Sort order     : Sets the sorting order (title, releasedate, filedate)
  • Play item      : Plays the selected movie
  • Details page  : Opens the details page for the selected movie
  • Extended info: Shows a popup with extended movie info
  • Search title    : Shows the search window to search a movie based on the title
  • Search actor  : Shows the search window to search a movie based on the actor
  • Search year   : Shows the search window to search a movie based on the releasedate
  • Clear search  : Clear the search / Shows all movies
  • Play trailer     : Plays the trailer (if available and valid mediafile, so no youtube..)
  • Sort Asc/Desc: Sort ascending / descending (currently disabled)

Label 2/3[edit]

Sets what is shown in the label 2 and 3 field of the listview. Currently available %title%, %description%, %genre%, %releasedate%, %actors% , %sortname%


Settings [edit]

Update item delay (msec)[edit]

Sets the delay between item changes before an update of the movie info and images is made. This can speed up scrolling trough the movie list.

Menu Window [edit]

Select where MyMovies is shown in the OSD menu. Options are 'Home' or 'HTPC'/'Mediacenter'

Use External player[edit]

If selected movies are played using the external player that is set in the edit field on the right. Selecting a movie will stop the video playing in dvbviewer and start the external application.

Use local thumbs [edit]

If enabled Thumbnails will be generated and saved to the configuration folder. This can speed up navigation. (Please note that when using filminfopics with the -output DB paramater the thumbs will not be directly created). You can force the creation of thumbs in Option-MyMovies. This is not neccessary if movies are manually added or imported using the import button.

Hide offline paths [edit]

 If enabled movies that are in a path that is not available won't be shown. Removable paths are ignored.

Get Mediainfo [edit]

 If selected the mediainfo (codec, bitrate, etc) is loaded upon importing movies in the database. You can force (re)loading the mediainfo in Options-MyMovies

Use keyshortcuts [edit]

 If enabled either pressing a key ('a..z') will selected the first on movie that starts with that character. or pressing 0..9 will cycle through the associated characters (like on a phone). There are four different modes:

  • Disabled
  • ActionID  = Actions Number 0 to 10 and Favorite 0 to 9.
  • Keyhook  = Uses a keyhook. This also enables skipping on keypress of ('a..z').  But enabling this mode will disable the shortcuts for 'a..z' and '0..9' for the rest of DVBViewer (not if shift,ctrl or alt is pressed).
  • Both        = ActionIDs and Keyhook

Debug log [edit]

 If enabled extended logging will be enabled. Only enable if required for debugging.