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Press the ESC (Escape) Key to open the OSD Menu

Virtual Paths[edit]

Use this options page to customize the contents of the OSD menu. The OSD resembles a tree with different features organized in windows which are assigned to individual branches of the OSD menu. Individual windows (window = a set features of the OSD) can be deactivated by unchecking the checkbox in front of their name.

A window that has been deactivated will no longer show up in any OSD menu and can no longer be accessed directly via keyboard shortcuts or pressing a button on your remote control.

It is also possible to change the structure of the OSD menu by reassigning a window to a different menu branch. In order to do so click on a window’s entry in the menu column and select a different menu from the drop down list. Hit Apply to commit the change.

This resorting is handy for building for example your own custom HTPC menu containing all the frequently used features you might need, while less commonly used windows can be shuffled off to another menu.

In addition to this option page we also offer a free OSD-Menu Editor that can be used to create you’re your very own menu branches, add new entries and is a bit more convenient for resorting a bigger number of windows.

<Options OSD Appearance | Overview | Options Input>