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This section controls autoplay for picture CDs

Autoplay with images
checking this box will activate autoplay for CDs containing images. There will be a confirmation dialog however before the actual playback starts.
No confirmation on autoplay
checking this box prevents the confirmation dialog and the playback of the images on your CD will start immediately.

Database functions[edit]

Cleanup database[edit]

DVBViewer stores rotation information for each image in it’s database (if you did rotate the image within DVBViewer that is). Clicking the Cleanup Database button deletes all of this information for all images in the database, irrevocably. (you’d have to rotate all the images again to rebuild the database after a cleanup)

Slideshow settings[edit]

Pictures visible (seconds)[edit]

Enter the time in seconds how long each individual picture should be displayed before proceeding to the next image in the slideshow.

Transition Time (seconds)[edit]

When one picture’s display time is up, a transition effect smoothes the switch to the next image of the slide show. Enter the time in seconds here to control how long this transition effect should take.

Known Picture Extensions[edit]

Add additional image formats to DVBVierwer’s list of known formats – or delete formats from the list.


Enter a file extension (for example .tif) into the text input box, then click on Add to add "Tagged Image File Format" to DVBViewer’s list of Picture extensions.

Please note: Adding a file extension to this list doesn’t necessarily mean that DVBViewer will be able to actually display the image. DVBViewer will try to open any image file it encounters if the file's extension is contained in the Known Picture Extensions list, but in order to actually display an image in any given format DVBViewer calls upon standard Windows functions. Which basically means: make sure Windows is able to open these images before bothering to add new extensions to this list.


Select an entry from the Known Pictures Extensions list and click on Delete to remove the selected extension from the list. Deleting an extension from the Known Pictures Extension list can be useful when you want to stop DVBViewer from trying to open images that cannot or should not be displayed.

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