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Hardware - overview - Siehfern/MHW

General EPG Settings

Do Not Receive EPG Data

If this check box is activated no EPG Data is read from the DVB Datastream.

Receive MediaHighway EPG Data

With this option you can enable the receiving of serveral extra EPG types like Siehfern Info, MHW and MHW+. Frequencies and such you have to set-up in the Options Service - Siehfern/MHW.

Receive FreeSat EPG Data.

Enables the automatic detection of FreeSat EPG data.

Preferred Language

If your providers send EPG in more than one language, you can select here which language you prefer.

Automatic EPG Update...

If enabled the Recording Service runs every 12 hours an EPG update scan in the background. This means it goes though all transponders in the channel list, tunes them if a device is available and receives the EPG data. The Recording Service saves all EPG data into the EPG.dat file on shut-down, so the data is present on the next start. If possible it is recommended to enable this function to get an up to date and complete EPG.

EPG Update Interval

The time in seconds the EPG updater stays on a transponder to gather the EPG data. Normally the default value of 30 seconds is more than enough.

Time zone Settings

The EPG times are transmitted in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The receiver has to convert these times into local times. For this it needs the time zone, in germany it would be = 2 (DST) or = 1 (winter time). If the option „automatic timezone“ is enabled, the Recording Service uses the windows API to get the correct time zone, this does also take care of the DST switching.

A wrongly set time zone leads to wrong times in the EPG. Via EPG programmed timers will use the wrong time and your recordings will go down the drain.

If you don't see any EPG or it suddenly stops working, first check your system time of the PC.

Hardware - overview - Siehfern/MHW