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TV and Radio Settings[edit]

Hide display on audio only playback[edit]

hides the black area were normally the video is shown and shows a small window for audio only playback. The OSD can't be used in this mode.

Fast Channel Switching[edit]

If this option is activated the DVBViewer does not close and rebuild the playback graph on each channel change (which would take a lot of time). In rare cases this can cause problems and this setting has to be deactivated. If deactivated channel switching takes much longer.

Channel Switching delay (in milliseconds)[edit]

Adjusts the wait time on switching channels with the Up/Down (Channel +/-) keys before the shown channel is tuned (Will be deactivated if Browse in MiniEPG is activated).

Browse in MiniEPG[edit]

If activated you can browse through the channel EPG in the MiniEPG with OSD-Up/Down. OSD-OK tunes the currently shown channel and OSD-Left/Right browses the previous/next programs (if present). This will be deactivated if you activate the channel switching delay.

Notify RDS Messages[edit]

Some radio stations transmit additional informations the so called RDS-Data. If this option is enabled the messages will be shown as OSD messages while listening to the radio.

Disable AV on minimize[edit]

Disables the audio and video playback in the DVBViewer, if it is minimized. Restoring the window will activate the audio/Video playback again.

Remember Volume for each channel[edit]

Saves the volume setting for each channel seperately.

Remember audio channel for each channel[edit]

Saves the audio channel selection (left/right/stereo) for each channel seperately. This is useful for channel with different language versions on the left and right channel.

Tune last channel on start[edit]

If activated the last tuned channel on shutdown is retuned on the next start. If deactivated the DVBViewer does not tune a channel on start.

Load/Save recently used channels list[edit]

If activated the last 10 used channels are saved/loaded. You can open the recently used channels list with OSD-Red in the OSD. If deactivated the list will not be saved on DVBViewer shutdown.

Popup channel list[edit]

If activated a channel list does pop up if you move the mouse to the right side of the DVBViewer window .

Timeout for channel switch by numbers (in milliseconds)[edit]

Adjusts the amount of time between entering numbers until a channel switching takes place. This setting has no effect on channel numbers which are unique (means you have only 50 channels then a 45 will be tuned at once because there is no channel 45x). Channel 0 will be tuned at once too.

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