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DVBViewer Plugins are NOT fully supported. Plugins like the netstreaming plugin, which use the DVB-stream can be used.

Plugins like EPG Plus or other plugins wanting to write/change data or try to show windows do not work.

The service expects the plugins in a different folder structure to avoid complications with the DVBViewer.

It uses

DVBViewer Program folder\Plugins\Plugins1


DVBViewer Program folder\Plugins\Plugins32

There is no need that all folders exists. But if you want to use them they have to be numbered seamlessly starting with 1. So you could do: Plugins1, Plugins2, Plugins3. This means only 3 recordings/streaming clients running at the same time(!) can use plugins, the rest will not use them.

The service uses for each simultaneous used hardware/tuner combination an own PluginsXX folder. So you have to be careful and only put one or two plugins per folder otherwise the system load can get extremely high!