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The DVBViewer is a proprietary, commercial Software, which offers the reception and playback of digital television and radio reception. Additional features like video on demand, series and video management are provided via plugins.

The software is only available via internet as download to keep the selling costs low.

Several customers like Technisat, Terratec, Citycom/Technotrend, DVB-Shop, Turbosight, DVBSky bundle the OEM version of the DVBViewer [1] with their products.

According to the developers proposion the DVBViewer was the first application for the PC capable to handle H.264/MPEG-4 AVC-transmissions, either as live or recording.


The DVBViewer supports ATSC-, DVB-S-, DVB-S2-, DVB-T-, DVB-T2- DVB-C-, File- and Network devices and comes with an integrated and skinable Media-Center-user interface. This kind of display is not useful for screen readers used by visual impaired people. To fit their needs the DVBViewer can be also controlled via regular windows interface. The Electronic Program Guide (Electronic Program Guide) can be put into multiple kind of views, from a simple list across a TV Guide-Style up to a clearly arranged timeline. Since the software is based on Directshow also the playback of AVI, MKV, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray and Audio-CD is possible. Additional informations via Subtitles DVB-subtitles, Closed Captions, Teletext can be presented as well as MHEG-5. The software is also able to handle 263 DVB/ATSC devices in the same time, which allows the user to record and playback of different programs simultaneous.

A comparison between HTPC Software can be found at the following Spreadsheet<ref>https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en_GB&hl=en_GB&key=0AjZAlU_5jl79dER5aE82MWkyTlRCNkxnX2tBQmlPMGc&output=html</ref>.

The different versions of the DVBViewer[edit]

The DVBViewer is provided in 3 kind of variations, which differs in their functionality:

Recording Service[edit]

The consumer behavior changed in the last years from live watching television to automated recording and playback whenever and whereever possible. These needs where the reason for the recording service.

The recording service is an addition for the DVBViewer Pro, DVBViewer customers can download it for free. Addition means it belongs to the DVBViewer software family and is meant to be used only by customers of the DVBViewer Pro <ref>http://en.dvbviewer.tv/wiki/DVBViewer_Recording_Service</ref>.

The DVBViewer Recording Service is a native Windows service. It can start the machine from Hibernate/Standby for recordings and works even if no user is logged on to Windows.

It executes programmed recordings with a very low system load in the background without DVBViewer running. The service provides a web interface which allows the user to schedule recordings and manage tasks (like scan for new epg data, update recording database..). Livestreams and Recordings can be sent through the network either via DLNA/UPNP or for recompressed for Tablets and Telephones (iOS, Android)


TransEdit [2] is a scanner and analyzer for DVB-S (2), DVB-T (2), Bluray, [[ATSC] and DVB-C, which was first developed as application to offer a much more detailed channel scan for the DVBViewer Pro/GE. TransEdit supports DVB/ATSC devices as well as Bluray and recordings. Besides a more complex channel scan it also offers the following features:

  • Transponderlist-Editor – allows managing, editing and updating of transponder lists
  • Analyzer – is evaluating and analyzing mpeg transmissions down to the service descriptor level in real time. It is also possible to preview, monitor and record all available tv, radio, teletext, subtitles packages.