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Welcome to the DVBViewer Wiki

The DVBViewer Wiki is an additional source of information to the official Forum. We try to gather as much information around the DVBViewer Pro as possible to create with this wiki a manual for the DVBViewer.

If you have any questions, please ask pleas ask them in the Forum.

There is a German Wiki as well. At the moment it has a lot more content.

Everybody is welcome to take part in the creation of this Wiki.


main articles

DVBViewer Pro manual

All Pages Overview over all 96 Wiki pages

Options Description of all settings in the options of the DVBViewer Pro.

Transedit Manual The manual of the specialized channel scanning and analyzing software by griga. Works well together with the DVBViewer Pro/Ge.

It's something like the swiss army knife for scanning DVB transmissions and channels to use with DVBViewer Pro/GE and (if wanted) taking a deeper look into the structures of DVB.

DVBViewer Recording Service Everything regarding the Recording Service.

Recording Service Installation Guide

featured articles