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First and foremost DVBViewer is a software application to watch and record digital TV broadcasts (DVB-T,DVB-S,DVB-C,ATSC) but there are some further multimedia features as well.


There are multiple versions of DVBViewer:

DVBViewer Pro[edit]

This is the main version of DVBViewer and offers the most features. It is distributed by CMUV and is available for purchase online at dvbviewer.com. More about ordering DVBViewer Pro can be found here Kauf. When we talk about DVBViewer without any further version identifier in this Wiki, we always mean DVBViewer Pro, unless explicitly noted otherwise.

DVBViewer GE[edit]

There‘s also the “GE” version, or better: DVBViewer GE. GE stands for Griga Edition (Griga being the developer). The differences between the DVBViewer Pro and DVBViewer GE versions manifest themselves in different approaches to certain aspects of the software. There are marked differences in features. But both share common functionality and code base otherwise. If you purchased DVBViewer Pro, you’ll find DVBViewer GE in the members’ download area free of charge. [Manual DVBViewer GE).


Miniapps are special versions we’ve created specifically for other companies. While based on DVBViewer Pro they’re not simply limited “light” versions of Pro, but essentially a different product. They do offer far less features than DVBViewer Pro and will only function with the hardware they came bundled with. Usually you’ll find the Miniapps bundled with certain manufacturers' TV cards or drivers.

Current Miniapps include:

Miniapp versions are not covered by this Wiki. Contact the respective company where you got the Miniapp from for support.


There is a feature and time limited Demo-/Trialversion of DVBViewer Pro available here: DVBViewer Pro Demo download