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With the Drop-Down-Menü you can change the language for the user interface of the DVBViewer. With a click on the button "Apply" you confirm the settings.

  • Current shows the current language setting.
  • Version shows the version of the active language file.
  • Author names the author of the language file.

Show DVBViewer in[edit]

Here you adjust where Windows should show an running DVBViewer.

DVBViewer can be shown in the Taskbar, in the System Tray (besides the clock) or on both places.

If the system tray symbol is active you can bring up the context menu of the DVBViewer with right click on the symbol.



Appoints the look of the toolbar in the DVBViewer main window.

DVBViewer Set Nightlife


DVBViewer Set Xpedition


DVBViewer Set Vision


DVBViewer Set Reload Orange


DVBViewer Set Reload Blue



Windows Default


Prevent Screen Saver[edit]

If checked the Screen Saver will not be started as long as DVBViewer is running.

Start in Full Screen Mode[edit]

If checked the DVBViewer will automaticly change to Full Screen mode after starting.
To prevent changing to windowed mode the is the Tweak HTPCMode 1 (see the tweaks.txt in your DVBV Program folder for details).

Prefer AC3 for file playback[edit]

If checked there will be choosen the AC3 audiotrack (if available) in files that contain more audiotracks than one.
That there is choosen the AC3 audiotrack for TV-channels they must be sorted in the channellist editor to the head position with the mouse.

Control bar popup Delay (milliseconds)[edit]

Here you adjust how many milliseconds the mouse must hover over the buttom visual area, till the controlbar pops up. Also pop up of the controlbar can be deactivated.
(1 Second = 1000 miliseconds)

Screenshot Settings[edit]

Beware: if in Options DirectX Overlay is set as renderer there are no screenshots available.

Play screenshot sound
If checked there will be a sound during draw up a screenshot.
Use EPG for screenshot filename
If checked the channel name and title from the EPG will be used in the filename additionaly. Otherwise only date and time will be used.
Save screenshots as
Screenshots are always stored in the clipboard.
If adjusted to clipboard nothing else happens.
If one of the five file formats (png,gif,jpg,tif,bmp) is set, the screenshot will be saved to the recording folder in the given file format.

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