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[edit] On Exiting, DVBViewer does the following:

the here adjusted functions will be done by DVBViewer if
either in OSD-MenĂ¼ > System > Shutdown is chosen
or if the key is pressed, learned for Input > Application > Exit.
In case extended Exit is selected for remote, the here adjusted behavior will be overwritten.

[edit] Setting Options

Close DVBViewer - Only DVBViewer will be closed.

Shutdown Computer - DVBViewer will close and afterwards the PC shut down.

Standby - DVBViewer will close and afterwards, the PC put into Standby mode.

Hibernate - DVBViewer will close and afterwards the PC put into Hibernate mode.

[edit] Shutdown

[edit] Don't shut down if a recording is due within (minutes)

When this feature is activated and DVBViewer will start recording in the specified time, there pops up a [OSD] warning message whether the DVBViewer is really to be exited.

[edit] Remote control Power off uses

[edit] normal Exit

If selected the above-selected action shall be executed.

[edit] extended Exit

When choosing this option it will appear a menu, at pressing the exit button, with the options:

Close DVBViewer
Shutdown Computer

[edit] Timeout for shutdown warning

The time indicates, how long the DVBViewer displays the prompt in OSD (or as dialog box for minimized DVBViewer) before a automatic shutdown (for example, after recording), indicating that the user can cancel it if necessary. 0 disables the warning message.

[edit] No confirmation on exit.

The function allows to disable the warning message when you exit over remote/OSD.

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