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Autoplay CDs

checking this box will activate autoplay for Music CDs. There will be a confirmation dialog however before the actual playback starts.

No confirmation on autoplay

checking this box prevents the confirmation dialog and the playback of your DVD will start immediately


Load ID-3 Tag from file

if this box is checked DVBViewer will read and display ID3 tags, Vorbis comments, etc while browsing your music files in the OSD. However, when browsing a folder that contains a lot of music files there might be a noticeable slowdown on paging caused by the additional file access necessesary to read the tags.

Known Music extensions[edit]

Add additional video formats to DVBVierwer’s list of known formats – or delete formats from the list.


Enter a file extension (for example .ogg) into the text input box, then click on Add to add it (in our example "ogg Vorbis music format") to DVBViewer’s list of known music extensions

Please note: Adding a file extension to this list doesn’t necessarily mean that DVBViewer will be able to actually play the music file. It just tells DVBViewer to try and play a file when its file extension is contained in this list. In order to actually play it you have to ensure you have the necessary decoders, filters and/or splitter installed.


Select an entry from the Known Music Extensions list and click on Delete to remove the selected extension from the list. Deleting an extension from the Known Music Extensions list can be useful when you want to stop DVBViewer from trying to play back music files that cannot or should not be played back.

Database functions[edit]

Cleanup Database

Deletes all tags and FreeDB entries from your database. Your actual music files are not affected.

Visual Effects[edit]

Visualizations are computer generated animations synchronized to the music.

The DVBViewer uses plugins of the media player "Sonique" (file extension *.svp).

Here http://support.xmplay.com/files.php?id=11 you find more Vis-Plugins.

Visualization plugins have nothing to do with DVBViewer plugins. These plugin kinds are not to be mixed..


After you entered the path, you can load the plugin list with the button Reload Pluginlist. You then can select the wanted plugin in the drop down list.

Size of Renderbitmap[edit]

Example of the included Plugin Punkie

The adjusts the size of the internal render bitmap for the plugins. A bigger bitmap results in better display quality but the CPU load increases exponentionally the bigger the bitmap is set. Normally the default values are good enough.

If Start Visualizations with the music is active the visualization start with each music plackback. The option Hide display on audio only playback must be disabled if you want to use visualizations.

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