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Disable mouse in OSD[edit]

If you check this box the OSD will no longer react to your mouse at all. It’s then no longer possible to select or activate any OSD element using the mouse.

Enable mouse hot tracking in OSD[edit]

If activated, any OSD button the mouse passes over will be highlited.

Use mouse sensitive areas[edit]

If this box is checked, there will be 3 invisible mouse sensitive, clickable areas on top of the TV player area: clicking in the bottom area will open the Mini EPG, clicking somewhere close to the left edge opens the OSD channel list, clicking towards the right edge opens the OSD menu. The actual size of these invisible mouse sensitive areas can be adjusted in Tweaks.

Use mouse sensitive scroll areas in OSD[edit]

Similar to the invisible, mouse sensitive, clickable OSD areas described above there are 2 mouse sensitive scroll areas sitting on top of scrollable lists in the OSD. If you move your mouse towards the top edge these lists scroll up (or down when moving mouse towards bottom edge). Uncheck this box to disable those mouse sensitive scroll areas.

Use context menus when clicking with mouse[edit]

If this checkbox is checked clicking the middle mouse button will open the OSD context menu (OSD context menu is otherwise opened with OSD-Blue key) on select OSD pages.

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