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One Click Programming (EPG)[edit]

Sometime program times can change and there is no possibility to detect this automatically. So it is a good idea to let the timer start automatically a few minutes earlier and end a few minutes later to make sure the whole program is recorded.

Time before[edit]

If you program timers with the EPG this value is subtracted from the start time of the timer (which lets the timer start xx minutes earlier).

Time after[edit]

If you program timers with the EPG this value is added to the end time of the timer.


Create information file[edit]

If this option is activated, the DVBViewer creates for each recording a text file with the same name. This file contains the EPG Data and further informations regarding the recording.

Write log file[edit]

If enabled the DVBViewer creates a log-file for each recording and writes into it which DVB device was used, how high the average data rate was and if and when errors (Discontinuities) in the data stream occurred.

Save EPG as NTFS file properties[edit]

The NTFS-Filesystem can store additional informations for a file. If this options is enabled the DVBViewer uses this to add the EPG data to a recording file. If you copy the recording onto a non NTFS drive (example: a DVD or a FAT32-Partition) you will loose the additional data. Editing (Demultiplexing, cutting) a recording will also remove this additional data, because most programs do not care about this data. To copy the data to the edited recording you can use the File Property Copier.

You can see the additional informations in the following places (for Vista32 you need to install the DVBViewer Recording Properties plugin, Vista64 users can not see the data):

  • In the explorer as tool tip if the mouse hoovers over the file entry.
  • In the properties of the file (right click...) tab „Fileinfo“.
  • In the detail view of the Explorer, if the according detail columns are enabled.

The Information file and the file info can be used to rebuild the recording database of the DVBViewer. From this database the DVBViewer gets all its informations about the recordings.


Here you define the default values for programmed timers. You can adjust the settings for each timer individually in the timer edit window.

Default Recording Action[edit]

This the default recording action value used for every new created timer.


Record the programme.

Tune only

Tunes the channel at the given time. No data is written. This function is useful for Siehfern Info updates or selective EPG updates.

Audiorecorder Plugin

The programmed timer will use the Audiorecorder Plugin for recording.

Transponder Dump

Only useful for diagnostic purposes.

Action After Recording[edit]

Sets the default action which is executed after a recording.

  • Nothing Does nothing.
  • Shutdown The DVBViewer shuts the PC down.
  • Sleep The DVBViewer sends the PC into Standby mode.
  • Hibernate The DVBViewer sends the PC into the Hibernate mode.
  • Close DVBViewer - Closes the DVBViewer.
  • Start Playlist - A Playlist playback is started.
  • Playback off - Puts the DVBViewer in a standby mode (close graph) with a low resources usage.

File Naming Scheme[edit]

Here you set up how the file name of a recording is composed. Only use in a file name allowed chars.

You can use this variables which are replaced with the actual values:

  • %year the year
  • %date sortable month and day
  • %time the time
  • %station the channel name
  • %event the title
  • %title the subtitle (if present). It will be shortened if it is longer than 240 chars.
  • %name name of the timer
  • %tshort the subtitle (if present) shortened to 80 chars.
  • %m moth
  • %d day of the month
  • %h time hour
  • %M time minute
  • %g the Genre (if present)
  • %D day of the week (Mo, Tue etc)
  • Additional you can define sub folders.
 %station\%date_%time_%station_%event does: 
[..]kabel eins\01-13_20-10-06_kabel eins_first strike - jackie chans erstschlag.ts
You can use more than one sub folder. The sub folders are generated automatically. You can also use a predefined Folder name...

Task Scheduler[edit]

Use Microsoft Task Scheduler[edit]

Turns on the use of the Task Scheduler. If the Recording Service is not used.
That means when you save a timer a Windows tasks for the DVBViewer is created, so that the DVBViewer and possibly also the PC start at the timer times.
If the Scheduler.exe is in the DVBViewer program folder is will be used. But it is not recommended to use the old not maintained Scheduler.exe.

Task Scheduler Settings[edit]

Scheduler Settings.png
User Account[edit]
In this field, the computer name and the user is registered. This setting determines for which users the created tasks are running.

In Set Password... you must type the password of the user.

Maximum number of scheduled tasks[edit]
Additional lead time in minutes[edit]
Command line parameters[edit]

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