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The DVBViewer has an internal script engine. It executes for special events defined scripts - e.g. on every channel change the script channelchange.vbs is executed (if available).


[edit] Disable the internal scripting engine

This setting disables the internal script engine completely.

[edit] Options

[edit] Default Scripting Language

The default is VBScript and should normally not be changed! you can use other on the PC installed scriptengines but this is for experts only.

[edit] Allow windows dialog boxes from the scripting engine

If enabled internal scripts can show windows messageboxes.
Should normally be turned of and only used for development purposes.

[edit] Allow only safe subset of scripting commands

This setting only applies to internal scripts. If activated you can't access the FileSystemObject and derived Scriptobjects (Drive, Drives, File, Files, Folder, Folders and TextStream). This is an experts only function and should normally not be changed.

[edit] Timeout for a script in seconds

The maximum amount of time a script can run in one call. 0 disables this function.

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