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here you can adjust the settings for the weather display in the OSD. To use the Weather OSD display you need to install the weather images. You can do this be downloading it while installing the DvBViewer in the DVBViewer downloader which is started at the end of the DVBViewer installation.


[edit] General Settings

[edit] Days forecast

Here you can enter the for how many days the weather informations are downloaded. How many days you can see in the OSD depends on the used OSD skin.

[edit] Units

Here you can switch the units for temperature display between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

[edit] URL Radarimage

Here you can enter a URL to a radarimage.

(The DVBViewer does not support animated radarimages)

[edit] Autoupdate

If activated the DVBViewer downloads the weather data automatically.
If deactivated you have to refresh the data manually in the OSD.

[edit] Locations

Here is the list of cities for which you can download and show the weather in the OSD.

[edit] Add

This opens the window for the city search.

[edit] Delete

Removes the selected entry from the list.

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