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Web/UPnP - overview - DVBServer

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The Webinterface of the Recording Service can be protected by username/password. On first installation the user name is admin and the password is empty.

If you don't want the authentication just leave the password field empty. Be aware this does pose a security risk if your LAN isn't secure or you open the service to the internet.


The user name for the web interface. Default is admin.


The password for the web interface. Default is empty.

Guest account[edit]

The guest account has only limited rights in the Webinterface, it can not change settings or program/change timers. If you want to use it, you have to enter a password in the main user account, so the authentication is activated.

Guest account[edit]

Enables the guest account.

Guest User name[edit]

User name for the guest account. Default is guest.

Guest password[edit]

Password for the guest account. Default is guest.

Further Settings[edit]

VLC program[edit]

The path to the VLC.exe.

Show Log file in web interface detail view[edit]

Shows the recording log file if any in the EPG detail window.

Show channels without EPG[edit]

Shows in the Timeline and TV Guide view channel without EPG data.

Show timer edit window[edit]

If enabled the timer edit window will be shown after programming a timer via EPG. If disabled the timer will be accepted without further feedback.

Show TV in channel list[edit]

If enabled TV channels are shown in the channel listings.

Show radio in channel list[edit]

If enabled radio channels are shown in the channel listings.

Use compression for web pages[edit]

Enables the transmission of gzip compressed web page if the web browser support it.

Cache Webtemplates[edit]

Change this option only, if you plan to work on the webtemplates. Disabeling this option rises your CPU and system usage.

Display Interval[edit]

For the timeline page. Adjusts the time window in minutes for the timeline page.


This setting adjusts which page will be shown as standard upon opening the Webinterface. Possible Values are:

  • Timeline
  • TV Guide
  • Programs Overview
  • Timer
  • Recordings
  • Status

Web/UPnP - overview - DVBServer