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[edit] Subtitles

The settings in this section have effect on the teletext and ATSC subtitles.

[edit] Font

Here you can select which font and which size to use for the subtitles.

[edit] Shadow

This controls whether a shadow appears under the subtitles and thus affects its readability.

[edit] Outline

This sets whether a border appears around each letter of the subtitle and hence affects their readability.

[edit] Background

This sets whether a box appears behind the subtitles and hence affects their readability.

[edit] DVB Subtitles

and Arib Subtitles

[edit] Enabled if Available

Enables the subtitles automatically if they are available.

[edit] Delay

This setting changes the delay of the subtitles if they don't appear synchronous with the TV image.

[edit] Language 1/2

Here you can define in which language the subtitles are automatically shown if more than one language is available.

[edit] ATSC Closed Captions

[edit] Always check for ATSC Captions

Shows ATSC closed captions automatically if available.

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