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[Timeline] <- [Overview] -> [Programs] 

TV Guide view of the EPG data - like a TVmagazine.
If there are some channels missing: Web Settings

Webinterface TVGuide en.png


With the Dropdown-menu (here with text 'Programme') you select a channelfolder which is different depending on the settings in your channel.dat.

Day selection[edit]

When clicking on the Buttons 'Mo - So' you change to the wanted day. Considering that the EPG only shows current day and future days, if it's Friday and you click on the Wednesday button then the EPG for next Wednesday will be shown rather than the Wednesday just gone.

time segments[edit]

Clicking at the buttons +/- (or simply at the blue line) opens/close the time segment.


Clicking at a channel (not the broadcast entry) opens the Streaming-configuration.

EPG Details[edit]

Clicking at a broadcast entry opens the EPG Details with the chance to program a timer.

[Timeline] <- [Overview] -> [Programs]