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[Search EPG] <- [Overview] -> [Recordings] 

Webinterface Timer en.png

A list of all recording timers of the Recording Service. They can here be administrated (arranged, deleted).

Clicking on the green point disable (red) / enables (green) the timer without deleting them.

  • Circular.png marks recurring recordings.
  • Pencil.png opens administration-menu for the Timer.
  • Recycle.png deletes the Timer.
  • Imdb.gif shows IMDB search for the title of the timer.

New Timer[edit]

With the Dropdown Box at the Button New Timer you choose the kind of Timers. There are the following choices:

  • Recording Timer
  • Search Timer
  • Autosearch Timer (this one is needed for processing Search presets automatically and creating the timers. Periodical all 1-2 Days would be a good value.)
  • Prozess Task Timer

A click at New Timer opens the window for the timer.


Choosing timers with the checkboxes and click at "delete" to delete the Timers. The checkbox behind the "delete" Button chooses all timers.

Timers in red[edit]

Timers where the programme name is shown in red indicate a clash with another timer for which there is no free tv source to allow the timer to take place. The timer will stay in it's disabled state until the user alters the timer so it no longer clashes with an existing valid timer.


Clicking at Tasks opens a window with the predefined Tasks which you can start by clicking on them.

The Tasks must be adjusted at the Recording Service configuration page Tasks before they can be used here.


Sorting is available by clicking at channel, day.....

EPG Details[edit]

A click at a Timer opens the EPG Details.

[Search EPG] <- [Overview] -> [Recordings]