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This symbol opens the so called electronic program guide (EPG). At the beginning it shows a list of the broadcasts of the current station. The current broadcast is highlighted.

Basically there are three EPG modes: A station-specific list (as shown above), as well as a time-specific list (full version only), which shows the broadcasts of different stations running at a certain point in time. Switching between these two modes is done by clicking the button "Whats now...". First the possibilities, which both modes are offering: Left clicking a title the entry is marked and more detailed information about this event are shown in the bottom part of the window (if available). The Save buttons opens a dialogue window for storing the EPG data as a HTML program magazine (you must also download the EPG2HTML converter at the members' area). The HTML file can be displayed, as shown on the right, in any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). You may also save the data in the XML-format for use with Paperless Movie Guide for example. The Send to PVR button adds the blue marked entry to the task list of the video recorder timer. After that it might be need;ful to increase the starting and ending times manually, because the broadcaster's information are often not that accurate. Unfortunately VPS is not available with digital video broadcasting. The button Send to FAV just notifys you about the beginning of the show. The filter button opens a menu, which offers some options for limiting the displayed selection, either to today's broadcasts or to broadcasts starting from the actual time (in the station-specific mode), or to radio or television stations (in the time-specific mode). Here you can also access the search function (see picture above “find in EPG”). With the search function you cannot only find certain broadcasts, the rerun dates are also shown. You can access the search function with a double-click onto the header of the "event"-column.

If the station-specific list is active, there are the following additional options: Clicking a station in the channel list (the tree structure on the left side showing all available stations) displays the EPG data belonging to the station, if already stored. Double-clicking a station switches over to it. The Whats now... button switches over to a time-specific list of all broadcasts running at present time. With right-clicking you can open a context-menu for easily setting another time. Double-clicking an entry switches over to a time-specific list of all broadcasts running at the same time as the double-clicked entry.

After switching to the time-specific list there are the following possibilities: Double-clicking an entry switches over to that channel. Right-click the list to open a menu, which offers several options for putting the point in time on or back. The Another Time... option opens a window that allows to enter a specific time or date. This also can be achieved by clicking the column title Time. If you want to exclude a station from the list, mark it first and then press the [Del] key. Cancelling this operation is only possible on the edit tabsheet in the channellist window. The Whats Now... button shifts back to the station-specific list.

Event and title show the title of the selected item.

There is also a graphical timeline mode:

Please note that some stations do not transmit EPG data. Also the range and the amount of the data may differ. Only broadcast information can be displayed. The EPG information are read out while a TV/radio station is tuned. After switching to another channel the data is kept in memory.

If you want the EPG data to be automatically stored on your hard disk when terminating the DVBViewer and reloaded when re-launching it, make sure that the Persistent EPG Data option is checked in Settings/Options/Teletext & EPG.