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You can open the configuration program of the Recording Service via right click on the system tray symbol of the Recording Service (it's located besides the clock in the task bar) and select the menu item "Configure".

Attention the Recording Service will be stopped if you start the program and restarted if you close the program. In the time while you work in the configuration no timers will be started. If you have ongoing recordings you get a warning and you can cancel the start of the configuration program.

Some settings can also be changed while the Recording Service is running via the webinterface on the configure page.

Options Service








Web Settings


Media libraries


With the link "Show configuration folder", you can reach at the bottom of the program window, you can open the configuration folder in a explorer window. The Recording Service uses the sub folder [...]\Config\ of the DVBViewer Configuration folder. The Recording Service does still use a few configuration files of the DVBViewer (channels.dat and diseqc.xml).